Shade Hotel, Redondo Beach, California

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When The Style Collective Sisters get together, it’s a treat. And, when they get together for a festive Valentine’s celebration in the South Bay, they head straight to Shade Hotel Redondo Beach. Located in the beautiful Redondo Beach Marina, there’s no more perfect venue to toast your Style Collective Sisters in high style. Set along the marina waterfront, this brand new property captures the essence of the South Bay vibe. Relaxed and family friendly, this hotel that has perfected the customer service experience.

It was the essence of hospitality, as the staff at Shade greeted us with a warm welcome and a sparkling champagne toast! The delightful restaurant, Sea Level, offers both waterfront dining or a casual bar with views of the marina. Light, bright and cozy, the Sea Level bar is a great place for a casual evening.   The new hotel is the sister hotel to Shade Manhattan Beach, another fantastic place to hangout and people watch with it’s lovely cocktail bar and outdoor patio.

In true fashion blogger style, The SC Sisters were decked out in various shades of red, pink and white and on a mission to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a vibrant splash. Shade made us feel so welcome and pampered us with a delicious dining experience overlooking the scenic waterfront! Sea Level is filled with comfy sofas and fire pits and it wasn’t long before the sofas were overflowing with colorful fashion bloggers excitedly chattering away. Indulged by the crispiest, mouth watering pizza loaded with carmelized onions and goat cheese, the women were definitely enjoying the treats along with the atmosphere. Our waiters brought out the freshest beet salad with arugula pesto and toasted pistachios to top it off. The piece de resistance was a tasty citrus cured hamachi with one of the most beautiful presentations in town. We laughed and toasted as we began forming new connections; sharing our fashion blogging and life journeys together.

It wouldn’t be a fashion blogging event without raffle prizes and goodie bags filled with treasures. My darling sidekick and partner in organizing the event, Jessica @petitestylescript and the creator of Petite Style Script, made sure we were taken care of with lots of sponsored treasures. Jessica is a big fan of Dermalogica and won us all over with gifts of their daily superfoliant. As I’m all about healthy aging naturally, I was delighted and the superfoliant was just what I needed. Core Water provided the natural refreshments with their classic water as well as several fruit flavored varieties. Core is known for it’s high quality reverse osmosis process which helps to balance the alkalinity in our bodies. The precious centerpieces were handmade for us by a fabulous company called, Lette Macarons. These special trees were made of the lightest and tastiest macaroons I’ve ever tried! In the most vivid colors representative of the holiday, they definitely set the tone for a festive afternoon.  Beautifully done, Lette Macarons is quite the experience. Each tasty creation is handmade with tender loving care. These special cookies will delight your taste buds as each design has it’s own unique flavor and personality. Rounding out the gift bags was a gift from Bloomingdale’s and the Kiehl’s counter. Fond of natural products, Kiehl’s has been a leader in the field with products that help you to look and feel beautiful in the most natural way possible. Balloon Celebrations delivered an enormous truckload of balloons. Sarah, the perky delivery woman, bounced out of the van proceeding to tell us how much she loves her job! As balloons always lift the spirits, we were in agreement as we helped her set up the massive balloon decorations. Balloon Celebrations went out of their way to ensure the event was a success by setting a lively and fun vibe. They even created a special balloon design as a gift for our celebration!

Debbie Savage @tothineownstylebetrue, one of the SC sisters and Orange County Lifestyle Blogger brought along some awesome raffle prizes donated by Guilty Soles. Guilty Soles is known for fabulous trendy shoes at ridiculously affordable prices. From over the knee boots, to sassy kicks and strappy sandals, Guilty Soles will have you stepping out in style without parting with your wallet. The company kindly donated several pair of shoes for the raffle and gifted every blogger a $30 gift card to use on their site. There’s no easier way to win over a fashion blogger’s heart than with a new pair of shoes!

Shade’s philosophy permeates the hotel with it’s desire to restore and rejuvenate you. It’s takes your travel experience and makes it more personal, attending to every detail to ensure that you return time and time again. It’s a whole new concept of what staying at a hotel can mean. If you want to part of the cool crowd, get out of the sun and into the Shade! An LA sunset with a refreshing libation on the beautiful rooftop deck is hard to beat. Mother Nature will provide some breathtaking spectacles overlooking the marina. There’s no better way to relax and rejuvenate than spending some time at Shade. And, if you’re in the LA area, make it a destination. The South Bay is a world of it’s own with a unique down to earth, Boho vibe, and draws people from all over the world. Why not treat yourself to a weekend to feel like you’ve escaped to the islands?

It was a wonderful afternoon of cocktails, conversation and connection. In fashion blogger style, we capped the day off with a photo shoot. Winter blustery winds at the beach can prove a challenge, but we were up to the task. Maneuvering the gigantic balloons, the SC Sisters were on a mission to make it happen. We couldn’t have had more fun as the balloons set the tone for the day, delightfully uplifting everyone’s spirits.

I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for the SoCal Style Collective sisters when I say  that joining Annie Spano and The Style Collective is one of the best decisions I have ever made. As #GirlBosses, we’ve developed a bond like no other, united in bringing beauty to the world and to one another. Fashion is a powerful medium and we are delighted to be on this journey together. Women of all ages are always welcomed with open arms.

The day finally came to an end with hugs and promises to meet up again soon. Thank you to Meggie Clausen, Jenna Ritter and Melissa Marcus for your warm welcome and an afternoon of pure delight!

Thank you to our amazing and generous sponsors:

Thank you to our stylish SC Sisters from Southern California for driving as far as San Diego or flying from San Francisco to attend…now that’s dedication!





Oh my goodness..this post made me wish I was still living in SoCal. What a fabulous event! You ladies outdid yourselves with this one.


So wish you were!


Okay these pictures I’ve been seeing from this event are amazing, was there a professional photographer there that did the shoot?

Caitlin, Beauty & Colour


What an amazing recap! Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this, I had such a lovely time. So glad we got a chance to chat too!!


Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful event! It was so great to meet you and so much fun getting to know some local SC ladies. I live super close to you, would love to get together sometime!
xx, Jonilyn |


Hi Catherine, this was an amazing event together! I love your writing style and of course, the photography is amazing (thanks Mike!). I cannot wait for more events like this together 🙂
~Jessica |


I second Jessica! I adore your writing style and I feel like I was there with you all after reading this post!! It looks like you ladies had such a blast and I cannot wait to be out there next month!! xo Annie

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