Are you a woman with an untold story and a desire to have your voice heard?

Today’s show featuring K.C. Baker, the Founder of The Woman Speak Foundation, is dedicated to unleashing the brilliance of women’s voices worldwide. This show kicks off a monthlong series centered upon helping women to find their voice. Introducing Sandra Smith, the Producer of The Forever Fierce Show and today’s Co-Host. Sandra leads “Woman Speak” workshops in Los Angeles as a trained facilitator for K.C.’s program, a unique education program focused solely on the power of the Feminine voice and collective. K.C. and Sandra will empower and inspire you to find your own voice through the power of your personal story. They are lighting the way to a new world, one lead by women on a “Heroine’s Journey.” It’s a refreshing perspective and one that’s well needed as women are rising all over the world, demanding to be seen and heard.

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