My guest is the amazing Cheryl Richardson, New York Times Bestselling Author who’s latest book, “Waking Up In Winter,” is an inspiring and empowering heroine’s journey through Midlife. I have followed Cheryl for over 20 years and this is truly a dream come true to interview this centered and powerful woman!

On today’s show, you’ll learn:

Why women need extreme Self Care
Why it’s important for women to be Self aware.
Why it’s OK to be OK with being bitchy and impatient sometimes!
Why raising consciousness is the key to a fulfilling life.
What the difference is between a Midlife crisis and a Midlife Awakening.
How the journey of a Midlife woman is a true Heroine’s journey.
Why it’s so important to be real with ourselves!
It’s a rare opportunity to join Cheryl, an Oprah regular and long time collaborator, in an intimate conversation dedicated to the Midlife woman. She’s also a proud and fierce member of the Forever Fierce Revolution!

Thank you our sponsor, The Essex Street Inn in Newburyport, MA for hosting today’s show and to Beach Plum Floral in Newburyport, MA for the beautiful flowers on set.

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