Allison Keating is a renowned psychologist and the author of “The Secret Lives of Adults: Your Seven Key Relationships.” She’s a relationships expert, beginning with the most important relationship, the one we have with ourselves.
Tune into today’s show along with my co-host, Michael Castagna (who channels Billy Joel), to learn:

The difference between your public self and your private self.
Why we get into trouble when the chasm becomes too great between our public and private selves.
How we can become more aware of our unconscious triggers to heal them.
What is our shadow and why it’s so important to understand.
Why we all wear masks and how to feel safe enough to let them go.
Why true connection is vital to emotional and mental health.
Why it’s important to cultivate the relationship with yourself through self awareness.
How our belief systems develop and how to let go of beliefs that may be holding you back.
If you’re ready to let go of some old beliefs, self doubts or patterns that aren’t serving you and resulting in creating your best life, Allison has some wisdom to share culled from almost two decades studying psychology. She’s refreshing and candid with a brilliant understanding of what goes on the secret lives of adults.
You can find her book here on Amazon.

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