Hermosa Beach, California

''The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.'' - Roseann Barr

I admit it … I have lusted over black leather pants for years. I just love the way they look and feel. The last time I wore them, I was a young Vandy grad working on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC in the early eighties.  It took me another thirty years to feel comfortable wearing black leather in my fifties.  I was always a “rules girl” except when it came to fashion.  My philosophy is, if it makes you feel beautiful, that’s the only rule you need.  And black leather makes me feel beautiful.

I love to play around with fashion, mixing and matching various patterns and designs.  I paired the leggings with a gorgeous sequined moto jacket from Greylin.  The blush pink is a universally flattering color on most women.  I own several moto jackets and find that it’s an easy way to change up a look.  I have changed up the look with a second moto jacket from Banana Republic.  I love the graphite color as well as the soft shimmer in the fabric.

I love this age.  Midlife.  For me, it represents a new beginning.  Coming into myself.  Finally feeling comfortable with who I am and not being afraid to put myself out there.  No longer asking permission.  Not being defined by others.  It is a very empowering time in a woman’s life.  Children are usually grown and gone.  It’s a time to turn within and find out who you truly are and then express it in a big way.  Don’t hold back.  You’re magnificent and beautiful.







Love all the combinations you´ve made. Looking really stunning in these Pictures.
Thanks for making my day even better!!! 😉


Thank you so much!

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