Did you know that 50 percent of companies are founded by women but only 2 percent receive funding from Venture Capital?

My guest today, Tracy Chadwell, Founder of 1843 Capital has 19 years of experience in the world of Venture Capital and private equity. Her philosphy is refreshing. Tracy and her team will only invest in companies with a female founder at the helm. Join us today to learn:
1. Why businesses with a female founder make better investments?
2. How your own beliefs may be holding you back from asking for what you want.
3. How asking for what you want, be it in business or in life, can be difficult for women and how to overcome that.
4. Why clarity and vision of your idea or mission are critical to success.
5. Find out what “Silver Investing” is and why it’s good business.
This is a show for all women as Tracy believes that being financially secure is not only smart, but sexy!

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