“I could hear it in your voice.” How many times have we said or heard that phrase? And for good reason! Our voices are the resonance of our personality and much of what we’ve experienced in our lives is present there. Philip Foster is a Voice Coach with a background and triumph through personal trauma, and great success in music, theater, and coaching people to “remember” the Voice they were born with, as most truly represents who they are.

My personal experience is that of losing my voice from childhood trauma as did Philip. His take on how and why our voice is so important to our emotional health and well being is fascinating. By working on, and remembering our true voice, we can better cope with traumatic and difficult experiences in our lives and emerge stronger and more confident.

My co-host this week is Michael Castagna, my business partner and friend, who witnessed the changes in me and in my Voice over the last few years. You can find out more about Philip Foster and his work at The Philip Foster Company. I think you will find the potential in your voice to be freeing. We can all use assistance in learning how to project our truth. And as Philip says, “We need voices together to harmonize!”

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