What would it have been like to survive the Holocaust as a teenager and how would that affect the course of your life?

Today’s show is a rare opportunity to hear from Magda Brown, a 91-year-old survivor and passionate speaker, who is one of the few remaining survivors of the Holocaust. Magda is on fire to keep the story of the Holocaust alive with a powerful message of love.

Magda vividly recalls her time at Auschwitz and shares her greatest lessons and what she hopes will be a legacy of peace and understanding through love, forgiveness, empathy, and compassion.

You’ll want to make sure to tune into today’s show to learn:

What it was like to be 17 and to lose almost your entire family in an instant.
How positivity can transform suffering and why we must stay positive.
Why it’s so important to find meaning in your suffering.
How empathy and understanding are the antidotes to hatred.
Why it’s so important to leave a legacy of love for younger generations.
How focusing on the future is the key to our happiness.
How to let go of the past and forgive.
What we must learn from the Holocaust to make sure it never happens again.
How to empathize with people who have caused you to suffer.
Why true love isn’t the romantic love we’ve been taught to believe.
Magda is a true survivor. She is the epitome of goodness and grace. Her wisdom is ageless and timeless. Her legacy of love is a powerful one. Make sure to visit MagdaBrown.com to hear her entire story and to be filled with inspiration, compassion, and hope.

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