“Inside of every Midlife woman lies a Millenial that was; and inside of every Millenial lies a Midlife woman to be.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell 

Did you know within you lies a collective of all parts of you – all aspects of the life you have lived and the life you have yet to live? Did you also know that the only time you can ignite the potential of your future self is by immersing yourself in the present moment – the now?

I was perusing facebook this weekend. I stopped when I saw an image along with a quote…a quote that’s dear to my heart, “As the child you once were, ask the elder you are becoming, they will guide you.”

It was an image with three separate selves. The self you were as a child. The self you are today. The self you have yet to become.

Within us, we carry our younger selves. We carry the little one who was hurt. We carry the young girl who lived in her vivid imagination and dreamed of great things. We carry the young one who was once wild and free. We carry her beliefs. We carry her heartache. We carry her hopes. We carry her potential.

Within us, we also carry the future. We hold all the possibilities of our future selves. We carry the desires in our heart today to be made manifest. We carry the wisdom of the ages. We carry the life experiences we have had and those we have yet to experience. We carry a life well lived and a life yet to be lived.

Most of all, we carry potential, possibility, dreams and desires waiting to be ignited by the human spirit – the Midlife spirit.

Dreams can pull us forward only if we believe in our ability to make them come true.

Dreams and desires exist for a reason. They are the voice of our heart and the calling of our soul. They are the stirring of our younger selves, the ones who lived so fully in their imagination, awakening us to our full potential and all the possibilities of our future selves.

The present moment is the moment that unites all parts of us, our younger selves and our future selves. The present is a powerful place!

Every moment is a choice point. Every moment begins a new path forward. Every choice we make, every thought we think, begins creating our future, a new future, a future of unlimited possibility. It also honors our past.

Fear closes the pathway to igniting the highest potential of our future selves. Fear kills dreams. Fear extinguishes desire. Fear holds us back. Fear stops us from living right here and right now.

The voice of our elder self can only be heard when we are still, when our heart is at peace, and when we are fully immersed in the present moment, and inspiration and guidance can flow through.

Fear of aging is fear projected toward our future self.

Embracing aging is embracing our future self along with all the wisdom and potential that awaits us.

Moxie is a catalyst.

Moxie ignites potential.

To Master Modern Midlife, we must master ourselves. We must embrace all parts of ourselves. We must choose to honor our younger selves and listen to the voice and wisdom of our future self, the wise elder filled with potential awaiting a catalyst to ignite it.

The child is within you. The wise elder is within you.

The catalyst is you – full of Moxie. Be powerful. Be relevant. Be you.



Thank you, Catherine for your “spunk”! Your words on Fear are spot on! I try hard to let God in front instead of my on Fear paralyzing me. He fights my battles!


Thank you, Connie for the loving support! Most fear isn’t real but it sure does feel that way until we are on the other side of it.


Isn’t it wonderful to embrace all stages of life?? I love the wisdom that came with my 60 years!!


You do it well, sister!!! Represent…XO


Catherine, thank you for giving such loving reminders of what we can find in ourselves. I am going to share this with my besties right now!


Thank you so much, sister! I do love the power of language to inspire us. There’s so much gold in our inner world. Midlife gives us the gift of turning inward, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing!


I love that saying….fear of aging is fear projected towards our future self!!
You are such an amazing writer.


Who knew? And who wants to do that? Not me, sister!!!


Oh Wow! This is just such an a-ha moment that all exist simultaneously! I love that picture showing it all in one. Great post, a real thought provoker for how my perception can influence my tomorrows.


If only we understood the pure gold that exists within. It’s an endless well filled with beauty and wisdom. Thank you for always being the first one here for some Monday Moxie!


What a masterpiece Catherine. How I loved reading this. I will share away as much as I can!


I had so much fun creating this post. The image was all Mike. The words came from my heart and a lot of life wisdom!!! Thank you for always being so loving and supportive.

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