Cambria, California

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

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Skinny Jeans, Striped Top, Boho Hat, Booties, Bag, Sunnies, Moto JacketYoga Top, Yoga Bottoms, Ball Cap,  Cat Keds

The warm and cozy town of Cambria is about a 4 hour drive north of Los Angeles. Cambria is home to the El Colibri Hotel & Spa located just on the outskirts of town. I was delighted when the hotel reached out offering me a deluxe vacation escape on the heels of launching The Fierce 50 Campaign. After a month and a half of nonstop work, I was grateful for the respite and hopped in my Jeep for a beautiful drive up the California coast.

Pulling up to the hotel, I was captivated by the quiet and charm of the setting. Nestled amongst the beauty of Mother Nature, El Colibri is a delightful little world of it’s own. I was ready to relax and unwind and I felt like I had found the perfect respite in the most gorgeous of settings. Little did I know I would receive the highest level of personal service from a staff that was clearly dedicated to creating an outstanding travel experience!

Each room is beautifully appointed with the fluffiest bathrobes and luxury amenities by Bigelow. With a Jacuzzi and gas fireplace in every room, if you’re anything like me, you may never leave the cozy confines of your room! Moonstone Beach is a stone’s throw away. Known for it’s beautiful moonstones easily found along the beach, it’s an instant draw for the guests of El Colibri and a wonderful place to stroll and just watch and listen to the Pacific Ocean.

When you pull into the hotel, you can’t miss the colorful beach cruisers parked right outside the front door. After checking in, I hopped on and  headed down to Moonstone Beach and a cruise along the 1 mile boardwalk and exercise path, with beautiful vistas at every turn. The rugged coastline  is vastly different from the city of Los Angeles. You’ll feel like you’re transported to another time and place, and time has stopped in this cozy part of the country. The sheer beauty of the landscape captivated my heart while the friendliness of the hotel staff won me over time and again. Wearing a striped top from Amazon and skinny white jeans by Frame, I tossed on my hat from Whole Foods and made my way down along the oceanfront. With booties by Beston from Amazon, and a leather jacket by Moda from Beehive in Manhattan Beach, I was decked out in style for my trek along the boardwalk.

Returning to the hotel, it was time to warm up in the Jacuzzi and pamper myself with my some of my favorite products from Spa Ritual. I brought along their delicious salt scrub and body butter and slathered them on my body. I followed that up with a warm clay masque to naturally pull any toxins or impurities from my skin. Finishing off with their luxurious body oil, I felt as though I had escaped to a world class spa surrounded by the beauty of El Colibri. Spa Ritual has won me over with their all natural line as it feels deliciously luxurious on your skin and will help in turning the clock back naturally. Don’t you love turning a weekend getaway into a rejuvenating full mind and body experience? I know I sure do and a few days in Cambria was just what I needed to slow down, relax and restore on every level. After my relaxing pampering session, it was time to head to the Nectar Wine Bar for a delicious nightcap from the local Paso Robles vineyards. Just off the hotel lobby, El Colibri has the perfect spot to put your feet up and unwind in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine and some delicious tapas appetizers. The staff prepared a beautiful platter filled with cheese and crackers. I brought a book with me and found myself quickly sprawled out on the sofa in front of the warm fireplace. It wasn’t long before my eyes were getting heavy from the drive up, and I was ready to dive into the cozy bed overflowing with the fluffiest linens.

Waking up the next morning, it was time to venture into town. Not far away, the town of Cambria awaits you with an inviting presence. It’s a town filled with charm and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Cambria Coffee is the hot spot for the locals in the morning. With delicious fresh roasted coffee, fluffy muffins and savory quiches, it was the perfect way to begin the morning. I grabbed my decaf latte with almond milk and decided to head back to Moonstone Beach. Hopping on a beach cruiser in my baseball cap, I made my way down the boardwalk to the glistening shores. There’s a peacefulness in Cambria that will make you want to come back time and again. I couldn’t resist trying out a few yoga poses in my Zobha leggings and top. I normally start my mornings with yoga and can’t imagine a better place to do than Moonstone Beach! The rustic beauty of the beach combined with the sound of the waves tinkling the stones is captivating.

The Nest Spa was calling my name with it’s hot stone massage and toasty Jacuzzi on the rooftop. I tossed on my fluffy bathrobe, grabbed an inspirational book and headed to the spa for some more relaxation. My massage therapist was delightful as she asked just the right questions to find the perfect touch. The stones are heated and feel like heaven when set along your back. My masseuse had just the right touch and I drifted off to sleep in a nano second. I was hoping it would never end yet the time came, and I headed over to the inviting Jacuzzi and never wanted to leave! It was getting late and my cozy bed was calling my name. It wasn’t long before I was wrapped in the most luxurious linens and drifting off to the most blissful sleep.

Waking up the next day, it was time to head back to LA with a heart filled with delicious memories of a delightful weekend away. Cambria is a destination of it’s own and El Colibri is the place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Only a few hours north of LA, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back in time to a place where life moves a little slower and is a bit sweeter. A weekend at El Colibri will restore and revive you in an instant. You’ll be left with some wonderful memories and possibly a shiny moonstone in your pocket. Thank you to the folks at El Colibri Hotel & Spa for treating this Fashion Blogger like a princess. With every desire and whim catered to, I’m forever grateful for your warm hospitality. With each guest treated as though they were only guest, be prepared for first class service in luxurious surroundings with breathtaking vistas at every turn. El Colibri, you won my heart and I can’t wait to return!

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Loved this post Catherine…looks like so much fun, and wow the photography is stunning! I struggle with photography…its expensive to hire it out all the time…so looking for other options, learning with a self timer, but very tricky! So glad to be connected with you. I am hoping to relocate to SoCal this summer…when I find employment.

Take care Friend, Thanks for all you have done for The fierce 50 gals!

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