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''I believe in a new kind of luxury for shoes, where chic and elegance have equal power to form and function.'' - Paul Andrew

One of the best parts of my new life as a fashion/lifestyle blogger is the opportunity to partner with fabulous brands and Paul Andrew is at the top of my list.  There’s nothing more exciting in the blogging world than coming home to a box filled with shoes courtesy of this fabulous designer.  Paul Andrew is well known in celebrity circles.

“A designer of relentless curiosity and invention, Paul Andrew finds inspiration in eclectic places: modern art, classic film, exotic cities ‐ but above all, the individual who wears his shoes. Passionate about the incomparable fit of handmade footwear, Paul believes that luxury cannot exist without comfort.”

Growing up, I remember my Mother’s veritable shoe collection.  She had a closet brimming with colorful shoes in just about every pattern and color in the universe.  Fascinated by fashion at an early age, like so many young women, I would spend hours dreaming and scheming.  I would pour over fashion magazines for hours on end.  With dreams of becoming a model, wearing beautiful clothes and shoes, and traveling the world, I was usually lost in my imagination.  Now, the dreams have become a reality as this fashion blogger is lucky enough to have amassed quite a shoe collection with many thanks to the lovely folks at Paul Andrew.

There’s no easier way for you to change up a look than starting with accessories.  Most of us have a daily “uniform” and mine is head to toe black, with the perfect skinny jeans, a black tank top, leather jacket and classic chic flats for day with a quick change to gorgeous vibrant pumps for night.  A colorful pump or a strappy sandal, like these shown by Paul Andrew, make it simple to style a new look.  You can easily create a look from the bottom up, taking the perfect shoe, and designing an outfit from there.  There’s no easier way to mix things up than with a slight change of accessories.  Taking a look from day to evening is as simple as throwing on a pair of fabulous pumps.  Paul Andrew makes it so easy for you to design a look around the perfect statement shoe.  No doubt that you will have as much fun as I do when looking at the endless array of styles, colors, fabrics, textures and patterns on the Paul Andrew website.  When it comes to Paul Andrew, it’s all about helping a woman to feel her best.  I dare you to try on a pair of his shoes without feeling beautifully feminine. I have a sense that you may develop a serious passion for shoes like I have, once you have had a chance to peruse his fabulous site.
Like so many of you, I take great pleasure in playing around with unusual color combinations.  Pairing purple suede pumps with bright cherry red, really makes the colors pop.  There’s something about a woman who knows her own style and isn’t afraid to experiment.  I’m a big believer that fashion is meant to be fun and should never be taken seriously.  And, part of the fun is creating looks with a bit of the unexpected.  I loved pairing this crisp white jacket and shorts from Zara with the high heeled strappy sandals from Paul Andrew.  It was so easy to be inspired by these shoes which tend to draw a lot of attention.   Take a moment to peek at his website or his stunning gallery @paulandrew on Instagram.  Say hello from @catherinegraceo and let me hear from you!








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